Founder Story

At first, Andy, the founder of the brand, was a product manager of a multinational company. At the same time, he had a special interest in nutrition and obtained a nutritionist certificate through self-study. Knowing the term "nasal two-way sense of smell" at a coffee salon event, Andy, who was very curious, took the initiative to consult. It turned out that the sense of smell is an important weapon for tasting coffee, and it is also the only sense in the human body that has dual functions:

"Prenasal sense of smell" Aroma enters from the nasal cavity and reaches the olfactory skin cells at the root of the nose, as if "smelling" the aroma.

"Retronasal sense of smell" Aroma enters from the mouth, passes through the nasopharyngeal duct and then reaches the olfactory skin cells, like "drinking" the aroma.

The breadth and accuracy of olfactory recognition surpasses that of taste and texture. In the perception of flavor, the sense of smell plays an 80% role!

This led Andy to think about the current era of "relying on milk tea to continue life". The sugar substitute drinks on the market are labeled as "0 sugar", but they are not 100% healthy in fact. The sweeteners in sugar substitutes will affect the human body. Glucose tolerance, blood lipid metabolism and other problems. So Andy wondered whether it is possible to change the flavor of boiled water through the "olfactory nerve". So as to make the public fall in love with drinking water and reduce the intake of sugary drinks. It can not only enjoy sweet dopamine, but also reduce the burden of sweets.

So Andy began to read various documents at home and abroad. It turns out that the United States and Germany have already had the theory of "nervous sweetness experience" subverting sugar substitutes, so Andy wants to import this new concept into China, so that Chinese people can also enjoy the benefits brought by new technologies. Come live the good life. But how to achieve this need?

Andy's eyes are locked on the water bottle on the table. The water bottle is almost a must-have item in everyone's life. If the water bottle can become the carrier of "smell black technology" and make boiled water tasteful, then sugar control can be changed. It's within reach! Andy is very excited when he thinks of this, and he can't wait to turn his ideas into reality.



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