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Cucumber Flavor Pods

Cucumber Flavor Pods

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Unwind with the sheer refreshment of our Cucumber Oasis Scented Pod – it's like a rejuvenating fruit tea for those laid-back, lazy afternoons.

Picture this: You're in a tranquil garden, basking in the warm sun, and sipping on a cucumber-infused fruit tea. The crisp, cool flavor soothes your soul, quenches your thirst, and keeps you perfectly hydrated.

With our Cucumber Oasis Scented Pod, you can bring this oasis of flavor to life wherever you are. It's your personal retreat, offering the ultimate in relaxation and refreshment. So, let the invigorating aroma whisk you away to those tranquil moments, one scented pod at a time.

Cucumber Flavor, Fruit Flavor Pods, Scented Water Bottle Pods, Globa Compatible, Retail / Wholesale, 1 pc, 20/50/100 pcs, 0 Sugar 0 Calories 0 Fat, Single Flavor

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